young ben

…And my whole crew is loungin! Celebrating everyday no more public housin.


The Center of Attention  A story about the sad mall in my hometown, about growing up in the 90s, and the demise of Main Street, USA at the hands of the Big Box stores

The Ambassador of Misfits Looking back on how fucking awkward and horrible junior high was

Unflinching Determination  I’ve had a lot of shitty jobs before I found my way; this is just ONE of the times I burned a bridge and walked off a job…but it has a cool twist

The Young and the Reckless  The summer after high school, my friends and I tried to live out Dazed and Confused as best we could.

Riding the Bus to Hell  Growing up in rural Wisconsin, the bus ride to school as a child was equal parts terror, and excitement.

A Time When I Was Scared A story within a story.  A speech I gave in tech school about the craziest and most impactful night of my life.

Smooth as Silk  Let me tell you about my first beer….it was a bottle of whiskey.

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