Reflections on Winnebago

People come and people go,

How we were brought together, I do not know


Like a fresh mosquito bite, an unnamed desire begs to be scratched


An odd pair, we formed, forever mismatched


The days shorten, time moves too fast

The memories we made, how long will they last?


There was much you taught me

You always fought me

To get me to see

Things in me

I never saw before

You opened a door

For me to pass through

And as I did, I saw in you

What I should have seen all along

At least I realized it before I was gone


Days shorten, time moves too fast

Memories fade, now a part of my past


As I set course for a new direction, I lunge for my dreams

Go West, young man” was the only advice I needed, it seems

My eyes on the horizon, I gaze out in trepidation

Yet my heart flutters with anticipation

Destiny!  Prosperity! Intrigue Abound!

My feet floating more than a few feet off the ground

Even then I cannot help but think

That if we got together for one last drink

You could convince me to stay

To not run away

The days would grow long and not a minute would be wasted

You and I, together once more; my problems, we’d face it


Still the days grow shorter and cold

Time hastens, already I’m old


Time is of the essence

So I take with me the lessons

I’ll try not to forget

Or live with regret

But if ever I should wonder

That this is a blunder

I’ll look back at you and realize how far I’ve come

To the pain of separation, I’ll remain numb

So I’ll saunter on, committed to the pursuit

From the tree I reach, picking its fruit


The days pass by and it feels bittersweet

So happy I am that we got to meet


Wrong or right, Beginning or end? I ask the question

Confused, clouded, my head swirls with congestion

The desire is swelling, wanting to be itched.

It will not be ignored, to this dream, my future is hitched


Days pass

Time moves too fast


Time moves too fast